Public Jobs

Bids due in 45 days
7/14/20 11:00 am
1045-67 Martin HA - Sanitary Sewer Improvements
Ledford Engineering, Planning & Architecture
Martin, TN
Sewer Line Replacement and Wastewater Line Replacement within the Building Envelope at Developments TN069-004 & TN069-008 (Sharon, TN), TN069-005 (Greenfield, TN), and TN069-006 (Gleason, TN).
Bids due in 17 days
6/16/20 2:00 pm
Lakeland Preparatory School
Chris Woods Construction Company, Inc.
5020 Lions Crest Drive, Lakeland, TN 38002
The Project consists of the construction of New High School for the Lakeland School System consisting of approximately 218,000 sqft of new building addition to the existing Lakeland Preparatory Middle School. Also included is approximately 25,000 sqft of sport and maintenance buildings
Bids due in 24 days
6/23/20 1:00 pm
Elma Roane Field House Improvements - University of Memphis
Fleming Architects
495 Zach H Curlin St., Memphis, TN 38111
The Project consists of renovations to the existing Elma Roane Field House arena, the western corridor, bathrooms, concession stands and ticket booth, as well as the eastern restrooms.
Bids due in 4 days
6/3/20 2:00 pm
TCAT Improvements - West Region Automotive Building
braganza design/ GROUP
3070 Highway 64, Crump, TN 38327
Scope of Work includes 3 Phases. Phase 1 concerns the Construction of a new Automotive Building to include all associated site work, septic system, classrooms, workshops, offices, common areas and restrooms. Phase 2 concerns the renovations to the existing West Classroom Wing and associated site work. Phase 3 (ALT NO 1) concerns the renovations to the existing East Classroom Wing and new canopies for the Auto and Welding programs.
Bids due in 18 days
6/17/20 2:00 pm
TWRA Region 1 Facility ADA Compliance
Haizlip Studio
Various Facilities - Statewide, Tennessee
The project consists of ADA compliance upgrades at 7 sites across west Tennessee; including ramps, restroom upgrades, fishing pier railing, boat slips, and other upgrades/modifications as directed by the construction documents.
Bidding Closed
4/14/20 1:00 pm
Univeristy of Memphis - Physical Plant Work Space
Fifer & Associates
Memphis, TN
Renovations to Physical Plant Work Space
Bidding Closed
4/16/20 1:00 pm
University of Memphis - Ray Herzog Bldg Office Renovation
BRG3S, Inc
Memphis, TN
Renovations to Physical Plant Work Space
Bidding Closed
4/13/20 10:00 am
1115-78 West Memphis HA - Damaged Roof & Siding - Courtyard Apartments and Wil-Mor Homes
Ledford Engineering, Planning & Architecture
West Memphis, AR
Repairs to roof and siding at existing location.
Bidding Closed
4/29/20 12:00 pm
Site Improvements for McFarland Park
City of Memphis - Division of Park and Neighborhood Services
4955 Cottonwood Rd., Memphis, TN
Project consists of: Base Bid: Grading and drainage improvements, erosion control, native grass establishment, tree planting, and grass sodding and seeding. Alternate Work: Asphalt fitness trail, playground, play structures, benches, trash receptacles, concrete pavement, park signage, and amending of athletic fields with compost.
Bidding Closed
3/12/20 2:00 pm
MJ Mill Apartments
Standard Builders, Inc
Greensboro, NC