University Park Tennis – FY 2021

Project consists of: Demolition of existing tennis courts, construction of post-tensioned concrete tennis courts, new fence construction and fence repair, concrete pavement, grading, grass sodding and grass seeding.


Bidding Closed

Bid Date12/30/20 12:00 pm

Company & Contacts

City of Memphis - Division of Park and Neighborhood Services

Keith Schnadelbach   901-636-4200


University Street and Brown Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38107

Sealed bids will be received at the Office of the City of Memphis Purchasing Agent, Room 354, City Hall, 125 N. Main, Memphis, TN 38103, until 12:00 p.m., Wednesday December 30, 2020, for furnishing the City of Memphis with the following:

FOR THE DIVISION OF: Parks and Neighborhoods
FOR THE CONSTRUCTION OF: University Park Tennis – FY 2021, located at University Street and Brown Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee 38107

Plans, Specifications and attendant deposit information available from:
Division of Parks and Neighborhoods
Planning and Development Office
2599 Avery Avenue
Memphis, Tennessee 38112
Telephone: 901-636-4200

The Pre-bid meeting for this project has been canceled. Parks and Neighborhoods Planning and Development Office will receive all questions concerning this bid through close-of-business (5:00 p.m.) Tuesday December 22, 2020. Responses will be sent to all plan holders no later than 5:00 p.m. Wednesday December 23, 2020. Send questions to my attention at

For the mutual protection of the City, City’s Consultant (hereafter “the Consultant”), and all subcontractors and material suppliers, partial sets of documents will not be issued. Therefore, all contractors intending to submit a bid shall obtain one (1) complete set of documents from the consultant in order for his bid to be accepted. This will also place the Contractor on the mailing list for possible addenda issuance.

Bidding documents are available at the office of the Consultant and may be obtained as follows:
  • a) Contractor Bidders:
    One (1) complete set of bidding documents, drawings, and specifications, may be obtained upon deposit of $50.00, which amount is refundable to all Contractors submitting a bona fide bid upon return of all contract documents complete and in the order issued. However, deposits of successful bidders will not be returned.
  • b) Subcontractors, material suppliers, and contractors desiring additional sets and all interested parties:
    Complete sets of bidding documents, drawings and specifications, may be obtained for
    $50.00, half of which is refundable upon return of such documents.
  • c) All such bidding documents are also available to be shipped to any out-of-town bidder and interested parties via appropriate carrier “collect” upon receipt of deposit, as applicable.

Documents must be returned within 10 days after bid opening and determined to be in acceptable condition by the Consultant for deposit to be refunded.

Description of Base Bid and Alternates. All the following to be performed in accordance with Drawings and Specifications:

  • 1. Base Bid Work: Demolish existing tennis courts. Construct three (3) regulation tennis courts, and four (4) junior tennis courts. Replace and repair selected sections of fencing. Construct concrete pavement, grade areas around the new work, place grass sod, and perform all work indicated in the Drawings not labeled as alternate work.
  • 2. Alternate No. 1: Install City furnished barriers and bollards at the site per the layout indicated in the Drawings. Fabricate and install vehicular gate and signage.
  • 3. Alternate No. 2: Provide and install tennis court windscreens on fencing as indicated in the Drawings and Specifications.