Snowden Pedestrian Bridge

Located at the intersection of May Blvd. & Getwell rd., the city of Southaven will be constructing the Snowden Pedestrian bridge as a landmark entrance to the Snowden district as well as the east/west connector between the new Silo Square development & the Snowden Grove Park. Minor street work & utilities will be modified/ re-routed to improve the city intersection and allow adequate footprint space for the pedestrian bridge support structures to be located in the May Blvd. medians on the east & West Side of Getwell Rd. The bridge support structures will be a combination of cmu masonry, cast-in-place concrete & steel to support a mostly brick & stone clad aesthetic with painted steel accents. Exposed steel stairs & elevator access is provided on both sides of Getwell Rd. The bridge structure itself will be designed in detail by a bridge manufacturer to be a pre-fabricated steel structure and installed by the selected contractor. Signage, lighting, signals & other miscellaneous components will need to be installed to complete the construction of the bridge. In addition to the bridge structure, two (2) new traffic poles will be in the scope of work as well as new traffic/ crosswalk striping to accommodate modifications of traffic routes.
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