City of Memphis Project - Memphis Police Dept. Horse Barn Flooring Project

Project consists of the following scope of work: demolition of pea-gravel surfacing, concrete aprons, the installation of concrete paving and aprons, PVC piping (8”) drainage line, two inlets, drainage junction box, rip-rap at end of PVC piping, and sod all disturbed areas.
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Entities obtaining Bidding Documents (paper format) will become Bidders of Record for Notifications and able to bid this project (bidders that obtain electronic documents only will not be eligible for bidding this project). Bidders of Record may purchase hard copies of Bidding Documents from Memphis Reprographics, 6178 Macon Road; Memphis, Tennessee 38134, (901) 381-9811 phone (nonrefundable) at Bidder’s expense.

Documents for bidding will only be available in paper format.
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